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St. Michael's / St. Charles

1st/2nd Grade Basketball Program


The 1st/2nd grade program offers your child a unique opportunity to focus on basic basketball skills for one full season before beginning inter-parish games in 3rd grade.  This program helps your child to develop and maintain basic skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and teamwork.

Your child will love to learn the sport of basketball through practices where the emphasis is on fun and learning, and through intra-parish games to put those newly-learned skills to the test, where the competition is considered friendly and educational – not demanding and stressful!  Having strong basic skills in a sport builds your child’s athleticism and their self-esteem.  

Sign up and give your child the gift of a strong foundation in a sport they will surely love! We are also looking for adults with the ability to teach and be role models for the players in this program.